Videris Bi

What is Videris Bi and what is it used for?

Videris BI is a research and intelligence platform designed to enable analysts to collect, store, search and analyze external data along with internal customer information.

Provides a unique environment for analyzing news media, search engine content, corporate data, web domain information, social media and more.

It is recognized that it has the world’s leading research capacity using social media and corporate data. It is completely independent, can operate within 24 hours and is very cost-effective.

Quickly search the web, premium data sources or internal databases all at the same time. Capture the results on the search platform, ready for analysis. Extend networks in seconds, consolidating information about a target from different data sources.

Videris finds hidden links in large data sets that a human analyst could overlook. Results are automatically sorted by their relevance to research. Identify risky content instantly. Work through languages and character sets.

Organize large, complex networks to understand large data sets. Interactive graphic backed by a complete intelligence database. Create clear, accurate diagrams to present the findings or to export them for further dissemination.

Videris is the market leader in open source research for the intelligence and law enforcement community. It is transforming the power of online information for use in the fight against terrorism, organized and serious crime, espionage, proliferation, corruption and terrorist financing cases.

Videris is an autonomous system and operates with the highest operational safety standards. All data and software are controlled only by the customer and can be operated completely independently.

We welcome consultations from UK and overseas government agencies and can offer the benefit of the participation of experienced staff relevant to your industry. We approach commitments with all our customers with the utmost discretion.

Features and Functions of Videris Bi

  • Wallet management
  • Wdeas management
  • Wollaboration tools
  • Wgile methodologies
  • Wilestone monitoring
  • Wantt diagrams

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