Vinmail Email Marketing

What is Vinmail Email Marketing and what is it used for?

Vinmail Email Marketing: The well-customized messages of the Vinmail Free Edition software allow you to run many campaigns with the support of large lists of recipients allowing you to properly target subscribers on the list. Therefore, our email marketing software meets all the requirements for the next-generation digital online marketing system.

Fully responsive HTML generation and plain text emails allow you to manage numerous types of campaigns. Design’s attractive email campaigns with our software play an important role in improving your email marketing strategy.

Email testing tools available with our software provide a comprehensive solution to organize your test cases, run tests, collect results, and coordinate test efforts.

Top-list targeting of an unlimited number of groups and recipients allows for smooth reporting. You can achieve a successful real-time report with multiple batches of 100 so your messages go to larger lists.

Starting a campaign is easy
Want to create a divergence in the world?
Execute your plan by starting a campaign. It’s as simple as that.

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