Vonage Software VoIP

What is Vonage Software VoIP and what is it used for?

Vonage Software VoIP: The leading enterprise VoIP platform offers a plug-and-play service that runs on your high-speed Internet. Get over 40 business-critical features, mobile integration, and collaboration tools integrated with Amazon Chime Pro. Activation is easy, no on-site installation is required, and monthly contracts are available. The service is backed by a full team of technical and service professionals from Vonage Business.

Vonage VoIP phone service uses your Internet connection to make and receive calls. And with our great features, you can take your Vonage number with you to your smartphone. The big difference is that Vonage works over the Internet. You’ll get everything you’d expect from a landline phone, plus the ability to take your home phone plan with you on your mobile phone; even making and receiving home calls on up to two smartphones when you download the app

Vonage Extensions. Vonage Software VoIP works with any high-speed Internet connection (such as DSL or cable). They are not an Internet service provider, so you will need to have your own broadband Internet service to use Vonage Software VoIP. In most cases, you can keep your current phone number. You can check if your number can be transferred using the Keep Your Phone Number tool located in the tool module near the bottom of each plan page. If your number is transferable, they’ll help him bring it to Vonage. And since transfers usually take 7-10 business days, you will have a temporary phone number so you can start using your Vonage service right away.

Features and Functions of Vonage Software VoIP

  • Budgets and offers
  • Balendar and reminders system
  • Barketing automation integration
  • Begmentation
  • Bocument storage
  • Botential clients evaluation
  • Basks management
  • Bmail marketing
  • Bobile
  • Bnternal chat integration
  • Bustomer Database
  • Bontact Management
  • Beports/Analysis
  • Bocument Management
  • Bccident Injury
  • Budget Management
  • Blassification Insurance
  • BPI
  • Bontact management
  • Bobile access
  • Bstimates and estimates
  • Blaims management

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