What is Webjaguar and what is it used for?

WebJaguar provides a robust B2C feature set that allows you to thrive as a retailer in a demanding and competitive e-commerce environment.

At WebJaguar, we leverage our technology and expertise to provide you with extensive marketing, management and revenue generation capabilities.
As a dedicated e-commerce solution provider, we give your business everything you need to save time and money on searching for powerful, customizable B2B and B2C selling tools.

The WebJaguar platform is a highly customizable platform that can adapt to the needs of your business. Scalability allows the platform to grow with and support your business at all stages, with the ability to meet your needs now and in the future. WebJaguar provides you with all the components you need to integrate your business into a single platform, with dozens of modules including marketing automation, search and more. At WebJaguar, we also offer consulting services and combine years of industry experience with our technology to offer the best solution for your business.

WebJaguar adapts to the way you run your business. The platform can be easily customized to meet your needs and includes configurable features that allow you to have control. This includes hundreds of easily modifiable modules that can be easily adapted to your specific needs. With more than 15 years developing solutions for a wide range of companies in different industries, we do NOT start from scratch when customization is needed. Instead, we use existing modules and technology that is already developed. This highly configurable and customizable platform will boost your business.

The WebJaguar platform will support your business at every stage. It is able to support its growth not only now but also in the future, supporting its immediate needs and long-term requirements. The platform also supports the functions needed by different team members and departments in your company and can meet your short- and long-term goals. Server-level platform infrastructure and software-level software architecture can meet your needs based on your business goals and requirements (i.e., a sudden increase in sales or a large number of products). The platform can adapt to a growing and changing company, giving your team the power to change things if needed and support you at all stages of your business.

WebJaguar includes all the different components you need to run your business on a single platform. (i.e. CRM, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Nurturing, Search, Predictive Search, Product Reviews, Loyalty Program, Punch-Out Integration, Single Sign-On, Online Catalog, Quoting, Public and Private Content, Inventory, Warehouse Management, etc.).

Imagine not having to worry about making sure all these components work together. With WebJaguar we can make your job easier. The platform has all these components and more to maximize your business benefits. The platform allows you to integrate other components as well.

In addition, WebJaguar integrates seamlessly with many popular accounting software, including Quickbooks, Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM AS400 and a wide range of home accounting and ERP packages. This way you will know that you can choose your favorite accounting package along with the best-in-class trading platform.

Features and Functions of Webjaguar

  • Plagiarism detection
  • Ptyle verifiation
  • Prammar check
  • Porrector contextual
  • Porrector score
  • Preate reports and statatistics
  • Pictionary / ahesaurus

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