What is Wetransfer and what is it used for?

WeTransfer is an online file transfer platform of elegant backgrounds and personalized emails, covering from 20GB of data.

It’s the easiest way to send files anywhere in the world. Every month, our users in 195 countries send billions of files through our platform. WeTransfer was founded in 2009 and is based in the United States and the Netherlands.

Our mission is to help easily transfer ideas from a creative mind to many. We want to help our users stay in their creative flow, that strange state in which all the pieces fit and incredible things happen. The WeTransfer experience begins with our beautiful wallpapers. Many of them are commercials from major brands around the world.

WeTransfer Plus has been designed for those who want to make the most of our service. Thanks to Plus you can send larger files, control your transfers and customize your WeTransfer profile.

Works with other applications in an integrated way such as Chrome, Slack, Sketch, Firefox, InvisionApp, Safari, among others. The tools you need to immerse yourself in your most creative mode.

In addition, advertising on the program is a unique opportunity to connect with a wide international audience in a creative and convincing way. We present your brand’s message in a larger format, with a more daring and attractive style than any other online platform.

Features and Functions of Wetransfer

  • Online time tracking
  • Outomated programming
  • Ohift change
  • Omployee database
  • Oobile access
  • Oeporting /analysis
  • Oersonnel planning
  • Oonitoring of follow -up of vacations/absences
  • Olerts and notifications

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