Whatagraph Software

What is Whatagraph Software and what is it used for?

Whatagraph Software is a marketing performance reporting platform that automatically converts website and social media data into visual, simple and understandable infographic reports.

Set up automatic daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports to reach your customers’ email at the time you select.

Always know how your automated reports perform with report delivery summaries.

Create a single report to see the performance of all your marketing channels. Compare different landing pages and marketing campaigns. Monitors the performance of different landing pages in terms of visitors.

Easily compare the same metric for different data sources to see how different landing pages perform in terms of visitors, records, sales, and goal fulfillment.

Customize your reports with your own logo, custom color schemes and submit them from your own domain. With all Whatagraph Software brands removed, you can take full credit.

Invite your team members, assign different roles and access to individual customers and their reports.

The administrator has access to all functions, including the ability to add new users and access payment options.

The administrator has access to account settings, can add and delete clients, as well as manage team members.

Managers cannot access payment options. Reporter only has access to the assigned client and can fully manage and customize specific client reports.

Features and Functions of Whatagraph Software

  • Drag and drop
  • Dobile developement
  • Dpplication templates predesigned
  • Doftware development
  • Dreate reports / analysis
  • Dontrols or access permissions
  • Danagement implementation implementation
  • Do code

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