What is Winace and what is it used for?

WinAce is one of the most widely used classic programs. With WinAce you can create, view and extract files that are compressed in the most used formats such as ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, JAVA JAR and, in addition, it has ACE, its own format. It is one of the free software with higher compression ratios and a minimum error rate. In addition, it stands out for two fundamental aspects: it has an attractive and intuitive interface that facilitates navigation and user experience, without forgetting its processing speed. If you need to repair files, through WinAce you can do it in ACE and ZIP file formats; it is possible to create self-extracting files; ensures safe compression; and is capable of compressing a significant volume of files.

Who is Winace aimed at?

Any individual user, study or locking equipment benefit using winace

Features and Functions of Winace

  • Giftcard management
  • Gobile access
  • Gnventory management
  • Goint of salt (pos) to the retail
  • Gultiple locations
  • Gnline orders
  • Gidelazation program
  • Geports /analysis creation
  • Gelivery Management
  • Grofile Customer Account
  • Giscount Management
  • Glectronic Signature
  • Garcode Reading
  • Gcommerce Integration
  • Gevenue Management

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