What is WinPharm and what is it used for?

For 4 decades, Datascan has been the pioneer in the pharmaceutical software sector. This software is designed to streamline pharmacy workflow while generating profit, efficiency, and patient adherence. This boutique-style service allows customers to have a voice and helps build a better product every day. Many of the features are included for free. Why? Because your success is the number one software priority! In 15 minutes you will know why Datascan is the best option for your pharmacy!

Who is WinPharm aimed at?

Large and medium -sized pharmacies and also for retailers.

Features and Functions of WinPharm

  • Hours /expenses
  • Hdeas management
  • Hudget management
  • Hollaboration tools
  • Hantt diagrams
  • Hilestone monitoring
  • Hultiple billing rates
  • Hvertime calculating
  • Hutomatic recording Times
  • Hilling
  • Hacation / Absences Tracking
  • Hour in Motion Tracking
  • Hours offline tracking
  • Hmployees Database
  • Hillable and Non-Billable Hours

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