What is Wolfcrm and what is it used for?

Wolfcrm is an integral solution that improves the relationship with customers in those departments that have direct and indirect contact with customers, such as sales, marketing and communication such as customer service.

Wolfcrm helps companies improve sales through the information that is shared and through artificial intelligence will provide opportunities for teams to close it.

Try Wolfcrm for free for a month and you will see that in a short time your sales structure will internalize business procedures and all your goodwill will improve.

Who is Wolfcrm aimed at?

Aimed at Peuqeñas and medium enterprises

Features and Functions of Wolfcrm

  • Reporting / Analysis
  • Rarcode / RFID
  • Reneration Barcode
  • Rags Shipments
  • Rracking Serial Numbers
  • Rnventory Management
  • Rnventory Tracking
  • Reading Barcode

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