What is Workbook and what is it used for?

Workbook, by Deltek, is a software package for projects and resources, CRM, collaboration and file sharing, forecasting and accounting. The software provides a fully integrated solution with custom enterprise workflow that starts with capabilities including: news flow newsbox+ built-in workflow notifications, collaboration and conversations, project management organization and project planning. first level, resource planning, budgeting, accounting and finance knowledge with mobile-optimized capabilities.

In addition, WorkBook offers modules such as: CRM, pipeline, financial forecasting, robust reporting tool, tasks and support ticket management with agile methodology, ideal for developers and scrum masters. A new user interface to view full data in real time. The integrated platform provides a ROI dimension and cost reduction strategy with improved customer success management while providing real-time data information in PMO plus multiple companies, multiple currencies, cross-enterprise resources, user interface in the language of your choice, software with global scalability in mind.

Most of our customers come from advertising, digital and PR companies, but architects, consulting engineers and management consulting companies also enjoy the benefits of WorkBook.

Features and Functions of Workbook

  • Portfolio management
  • Ponitoring hours /expenses
  • Pustomer portal
  • Pdeas management
  • Pudget management
  • Pesource management
  • Pollaboration tools
  • Pgile methodologies
  • Pollow -up of milestones
  • Pantt diagrams

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