What is Workclout and what is it used for?

Delivering the highest quality products and services to customers is more important than ever. As the voice of the customer becomes more prominent in the internet age, there is more pressure than ever to maintain a standard of excellence – your company’s reputation depends on it. WorkClout is a quality management platform for the automotive industry. Our software helps streamline and automate internal audits, document control, visual inspections, training, and preventative quality design. WorkClout helps frontline workers optimize their safety and quality inspections, data reporting, work instructions, ISO compliance, corrective actions, and knowledge development.

Who is Workclout aimed at?

Aimed at SMEs and large companies.

Features and Functions of Workclout

  • Portfolio management
  • Ponitoring hours /expenses
  • Pustomer portal
  • Pdeas management
  • Pesource management
  • Pollaboration tools
  • Pgile methodologies
  • Pilestone monitoring
  • Piagrams of diagrams Gantt

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