What is Worksection and what is it used for?


Worksection is a web-based SAAS project management software. It allows obtaining project information in real time with the help of any device with Internet access anywhere in the world.
Worksection helps manage team tasks (and subtasks), communication, and deadlines. All documents, contacts and other files can be safely stored in one place with their help. Planning is convenient due to the Gantt table. There are tools for cost and time control, reporting and billing. Tasks and subtasks can be commented and grouped, prioritized, and uploaded files. You can use labels and statuses customizing them to suit your needs and tastes.
Worksection can be used by project team members and customers (you can choose information access options).
Worksection is very easy to use even for non-IT people. The interface is very friendly and intuitive. Support response time is less than 30 minutes.
Security is provided by SSL encryption and data centers in Germany. You can also connect to your own FTP server.
Worksection is compatible with other applications and formats, such as Slack or Telegram. Worksection projects or reports can be easily exported to Excel format.

Pricing options depend on the number of active projects and file storage, and all fees are very reasonable.
The number of users is not limited by the rate.

Features and Functions of Worksection

  • Employees database
  • Eecruitment management
  • Eime and attendance management
  • Emplooyee profiles
  • Ebsence management
  • Eerformance management
  • Eenefits management
  • Eecruitment
  • Enternal communication
  • Enternal communication Metric
  • Eelf-Service Portal
  • Eraining Management

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