What is Wrike and what is it used for?

Wrike is an online project management software to set priorities and prepare the team to work faster and smarter in the organization.

Using it with thousands of projects is as simple as using it with one. We give you the flexibility you need to manage multiple projects and teams in one tool. Control the perspective of your projects to get an overview or focus on details.

With Wrike, get the accurate and up-to-date information you need to meet your lead time while avoiding wasting time on status meetings. Use real-time reports and analytics to direct the team and make adjustments on the fly.

Set up Wrike to suit the way your team works. Customizations, collaboration tools, and email integrations save time and allow the team to focus. This is a resource that your computer will want to use on a daily basis.

Divide large targets into manageable parts, attach files and define lead times. Easily control overall progress and individual contributions. Add tasks across multiple folders or projects and create any combination of folder structures to suit your needs.

With Wrike you can design the structure you need to start the work. Get the right insights from the start so teams can manage and prioritize work more easily, complete projects faster, and reduce duplication of work with greater visibility to the team.

Wrike lets you work collaboratively and visualize everyone’s changes in real time. Edit freely without saving attachments on your computer. Upload or link and edit documents (PDF, JPG, PNG, Microsoft, Google, Box, Dropbox, etc.) while keeping each version under control.

Features and Functions of Wrike

  • CRM
  • Curchase Order Management
  • Crder Management
  • Cistribution Management
  • Cnventory Management
  • Cupply Chain Management
  • Cinancial Management
  • Carehouse Management

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