Yahoo Small Business

What is Yahoo Small Business and what is it used for?

Aabaco Small Business, formerly Yahoo Small Business, is an online retail solution for website hosting, e-commerce and more.

Yahoo Small Business allows business owners to launch and scale their ideas online. From website creation to brand promotion, our products help entrepreneurs succeed. Our templates give your customers a seamless shopping experience. Retailers using our e-commerce solutions have sold a combined value of over $70 billion products.

With Yahoo Small Business, easily set up branded emails for your business and employees. Start selling instantly with a secure e-commerce site. Your e-commerce store allows you to add unlimited products to your catalog administrator. That means your online store is ready to grow with your business.

E-commerce stores feature shipping integration, inventory management, credit card processing, live statistics, and apps to help you grow your business. Whether you have a question or need a quick marketing suggestion, our eCommerce Support Team has decades of experience and is always available to lend a hand.

Features and Functions of Yahoo Small Business

  • Budgets and offers
  • Botential clients evaluation
  • Balendar and reminders system
  • Barketing automation integration
  • Basks management
  • Begmentation
  • Bmail marketing
  • Bobile
  • Bocument storage
  • Bnternal chat integration

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