Zenhub Projects

What is Zenhub Projects and what is it used for?

ZenHub is a better way to manage your GitHub Issues, Multi-Repo Forums, Epics and reports, all without leaving GitHub.

Experience data-driven project management in ZenHub running on GitHub data. Your Burndown graphics, speed tracking and version reports are always accurate.

We are driving agile development in some of the world’s most innovative teams.

Task panes use your existing GitHub data to provide total transparency in your development process. Drag and drop Issues between pipes, identify blockers and prioritize what matters most.

ZenHub is an agile project management solution for GitHub developers featuring project visualization, spring planning and actionable reporting technology. Incorporating task boards, Slack integration and workflow customization, as well as multi-organization support, estimates and epic, ZenHub aims to offer a comprehensive project management solution.

ZenHub is an agile project management within GitHub. Add powerful tracking, planning and reporting capabilities to GitHub!

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