What is Zilicuspm and what is it used for?


ZilicusPM: Online project management and collaboration software.

Once the project scope is completed, the project outputs can be divided into work items. These work items serve as a reference product for estimating duration, resources and costs. At a higher level, the project manager can define deliverable components that becomes a breakdown structure of work for a given project. ZilicusPM project management system allows you to quickly add task groups at a higher level that becomes wbs for you. Gantt’s interactive table in ZilicusPM makes it much easier to create a task schedule.

The WBS, the highest level of task groups are divided into groups of activities (i.e., the breakdown of the next level of task groups). Using the ZilicusPM project management tool, you can define each task with a specific start date; estimated efforts and estimated duration (in number of days or expressed in terms of due date).

As a project manager, you would have a budget allocated for your project. You can set that budget for your project, set the billing preference if you want to bill the customer, at a fixed cost, at a fixed resource cost, or at an actual resource cost.
An integrated project management system ZilicusPM allows you to define and track the financial status of the project. When you follow the project, you can also see if the project cost is within the budget or if it is an excessive cost.

When creating a project plan, the project planner must identify which skills and level of expertise are required from the resources. Based on the resource’s skill set and the required experience, the cost estimate can be derived based on resource cost rates. By using the project management system, you can create a resource group with cost rates, skill set, and reporting structure. Having a platform to collaborate and share brings everyone to the common place to work in a transparent environment. Project team members can also view the project plan through the online project calendar.

Project planners must consider several limitations when creating the project schedule. The availability of project resources has always been one of the major constraints. ZilicusPM allows project managers to view the resource load across the project and decide whether a resource can be invited to be part of the project team. The project resource management software functionality in ZilicuSPM shows whether a given resource is overloaded, underloaded, or optionally loaded with project activities across all projects.

You can now reuse the existing project schedule while creating a new project. One of the best utilities that can be exploited in the project management tool ZilicusPM to replicate the existing project schedule and set the schedule relative to the start date of the new project. When you import an existing project, you will have three options as you can see in the adjacent image.

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