Zoey Electronic Commerce

What is Zoey Electronic Commerce and what is it used for?

Zoey is a powerful e-commerce solution for B2B companies and wholesalers. It also leverages B2C-type capabilities to empower traders.

Zoey has the tools to enable customers to serve common needs, such as reordering, order status, and account maintenance. Zoey has many B2B capabilities and enterprise-grade wholesalers integrated into its platform to facilitate the establishment and growth of a B2B company.

Limit access to products, categories, or even your entire website to only certain subsets of your customers. Customize your catalog to show each customer exactly what they would like them to see. Assign each of your customers to a group, with the ability to set up shipments, payments, and other key configurations for each group type based on what they should see.

Customers and sellers can request a quote based on the size of their order, and merchants can tailor product prices, shipping, and more for that specific order. Our themes are tablets and mobile devices ready for responsive design; changes you make to your site are automatically optimized for all screen sizes.

Make changes to your design or update your marketing copy and photos without having to know how to code — a versatile system that gives you more control. Set rules for offering discounts and promotions based on the items in the cart, or the categories they belong to, with rules as simple or complex as commercial pricing.

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