Zoho Docs

What is Zoho Docs and what is it used for?

Zoho Docs is an online file management and storage software that lets you save documents, images and videos from anywhere.

Manage your business more efficiently with your custom cloud workspace. Take all your files with you wherever you go, whether it’s documents, pictures, spreadsheets, presentations, and even your music, movies, and photos. Since everything is stored in a centralized location, you can now comfortably share your files with your friends and colleagues.

Synchronize from Windows, Mac or Linux Ubuntu computers with the cloud, and vice versa, without complications. Find the latest files on any computer, both online and offline. Find the information just when you need it. Sort files by team, project, file type, and author. Organize them into folders and subfolders.

Write and edit documents online with our built-in Zoho Office editors. Save and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without the fear of third-party installations seeing your data. Analyze sales figures at the end of the month with Zoho Sheet. Use attractive charts, diagrams, and PivotTables for meaningful insights. Plus, integrate videos, images and tweets for interactive presentations.

Start working right away and always stay in control. Eliminate distances by easily sharing and collaborating with files. With Zoho Docs, security is always at the center of file management. As an administrator, you can customize your system to suit your organization’s policies and maintain control over both user information and user permissions.

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