Zoho Projects

What is Zoho Projects and what is it used for?

Zoho Projects allows you to change plans, add tasks (individual, shared, and together), edit existing ones, establish new dependencies and much more. It also allows people in the project to communicate easily, discuss ideas, and stay up to date. This allows you to deliver quality results on time.

Project planning through milestones and task lists help you break down complex projects into easily managed units. Get more refined control with child tasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies.

Gantt diagrams provide a detailed view of the progress of tasks compared to what was planned, and the sources make keeping abreast of the latest developments in your projects as easy as browsing your favorite social network. Timeline is an easy way to revisit important posts.

Extra Features and Benefits:

  • Avoid delays in meeting goals, analyze critical routes to be on guard: Delay in critical tasks directly affects project deadlines. The tasks that make up the fundamental path are plotted in red so that you can plan and prioritize them over others. In addition, tasks that are not critical have an idle limit, which is considered the accepted delay. If they extend beyond the activity limit, they become fundamental tasks.
  • Aifferent charts for different needs: The chart has different views that show the bars based on your project structure or task start dates, allowing you to see all the details of the task, including percentage complete, duration, start date, finish date, and owner.

Who is Zoho Projects aimed at?

Zoho Projects adapts to the needs of your small or medium -sized company.

Features and Functions of Zoho Projects

  • Aonitoring hours/expenses
  • Aanagement of ideas
  • Aollaboration tools
  • Agile methodologies
  • Aonitoring of milestones

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