Zoho Sprints

What is Zoho Sprints and what is it used for?

Zoho Sprints is a free online tool for agile planning and tracking. It allows you to create user stories, add estimate points, schedule agile meetings, and use timesheets to track working hours.

Each project comes with a cumulative delay, that is, a prioritized list of tasks. Move what’s up here for the next sprint to build what matters first. Get early feedback and send the products your customers really want.

The Scrum Board allows you to track your tasks through the ‘pending’, ‘ongoing’ and ‘completed’ columns. You can add your own custom columns to match your team’s unique needs.

Zoho Sprints makes recording billable and non-billable hours simple for everyone. You can use this to give your customers an idea of the time involved or to better estimate the next sprint.

Dashboard gives you an overview of where things are. See who the primary users are, a summary of sprint activities, backlog metrics, planned versus actual chart, and more.

Speed charts, reduction reports, and cumulative flowcharts help you turn raw data into actionable information. Learn from each sprint and get more out of the next one.

Schedule sprint planning meetings, reviews and retrospectives and the app reminds everyone to be there! A feed for each project helps bring discussions online.


Features and Functions of Zoho Sprints

  • Marketing automation integration
  • Motential clients evaluation

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