What is Zoikmail and what is it used for?

ZoikMail Email Marketing automation sends 1,000 emails per minute, and its intuitive editor makes it easy to create custom templates.

It also offers very fast autoresponders that follow up for you. Which means you can focus solely on your work and leave the rest to ZoikMail.

Get real-time statistics of emails read by your subscribers, just log in to the dashboard and see your email. The scope of ZoikMail is global!.

Registration forms can be obtained for each Subscriber List so that you can improve your subscriber database without problems. All you have to do is share the url in your app and you’re done!

The new and advanced drag-and-drop feature makes the task of creating fully customized email templates hassle-free.

We have a gigantic collection of vivid email templates to meet the needs of the entire customer segment. If you don’t want to create a custom template, just choose one from our gallery!

The unique response feature makes email look equally attractive on any screen size. Whether it’s a PC, a tablet or even a smartphone. Reach your subscribers in style, regardless of the media they use.

Features and Functions of Zoikmail

  • Mixing video
  • Mudio and video effects
  • Mreation of videoskins
  • Mrack separation (stems) in real time
  • MJ Mixer Multidecks
  • Mudio recording
  • Mirtual instruments Software
  • Mther instruments
  • Midi edition
  • Mresents unlimited audio and buse tracks
  • «mono» and «stereo»

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